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The Magico S1 is the new floorstander from Alon Wolf and company. It's priced at $12,600 per pair and is a two-way design that features an extruded-aluminum cabinet and a pair of drivers: a 1" beryllium-dome tweeter -- the same one used in the company's S5 -- and a brand-new 7" Nano-Tec midrange woofer. Now the S1 you see below is in the company's M-Cast finish, in this case bronze. The exterior feel is slightly textured, unlike the piano finishes you see on many speakers (including some Magicos where their M-Coat is optional). The paint looks to me like it would be quite durable, but I don't want to test that theory! I know their hard-coat anodized finish is very solid.

Overall the S1 package is quite robust. The 95-pound weight is impressive. The quality of finish is exemplary, and the machining is very precise. Check out the bottom plate and the machine screws. This puppy is really put together. The outriggers provide very stable footing for the S1, and the spikes are quite tall so they dig deep into carpet. The small copper Magico logo on the bottom of the front baffle adds a touch of luxury. The S1 is kind of like a little Rolex -- chunky and precisely made. We'll see how it sounds.

Jeff Fritz
Editor-in-chief, The SoundStage! Network