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Ian Colquhoun founded Axiom Audio in 1980 in Dwight, Ontario, Canada, where it remains to this day. Axiom began as a manufacturer of loudspeakers, but today they also manufacture amplifiers as well as a complete line of accessories, including cables and stands. The research, design, manufacturing, and testing all occur at the Dwight-based factory. Axiom is also one of the few speaker makers in the world to have their own anechoic chamber. The SoundStage! Network toured Axiom's facility on July 20, a time of major product introductions: the LFR1100 loudspeaker and the ADA-series amplifiers. For more information about Axiom Audio, visit

Introduction to Axiom Audio

About two hours by car north of Toronto is what's known as the Muskoka region, home to . . .

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Manufacturing: Part 2

In addition to wood cabinets, Axiom fabricates almost all of their speakers' plastic parts using a massive (and expensive) . . .

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Research and Design: Part 1

Most people would call it research and development, but company president Ian Colquhoun prefers the word design because he thinks it better reflects the original thinking that goes into many of the company's products.

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Research and Design: Part 2

Until a few years ago, Axiom Audio made only speakers. That changed when Axiom released the A1400-series amps in 2007. That model has been discontinued, and Axiom is currently in the process of releasing the new ADA-series amplifiers, . . .

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