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Magico 2014 Introduction

The last time the SoundStage! Network visited Magico was when Jeff Fritz and Pete Roth visited in March, 2011. Back then Magico was located in a 5000 sq. ft. Berkeley, California, facility, which was mainly used for design and assembly, since the company sourced most of its loudspeaker parts from vendors.

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Metalwork at Magico

Magico made its previous generation of loudspeaker cabinets using combinations of metal and wood, whereas Magico's current-generation models are all made of metal. Not surprisingly . . .

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Magico Parts Inventory and Inspection

With Magico's increased manufacturing capabilities, maintaining an adequate parts inventory is of paramount importance to meet consumer demand in a timely fashion. As a result, a large portion of the factory space is dedicated to inventory and inspection to ensure that defect-free parts are on hand when they're needed.

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Magico's Assembly Area

Magico's sales and manufacturing capabilities have increased markedly in the last few years, so it's no surprise that the assembly area for all the models they have now has expanded greatly as well. Currently, every . . .

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Magico's Multistage Quality Control

One of the things we're very aware of at the SoundStage! Network is quality control (we're also very critical when we see that it's lacking). Great quality-control measures are vital because they ensure that the consumer gets the product he or she paid for, and nothing less. I was personally pleased to see that Magico employs topflight quality-control procedures not just at one stage of production, but at several stages.

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Magico's Listening Room

According to Magico's Alon Wolf, "There's no company in North America with a listening room as elaborate as ours." Frankly, he might be right -- we've visited many North American companies, and fewer than a handful have had a purpose-built listening room that's as big as Magico's (it measures 33'L x 22'W x 13'H) or as well constructed.

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