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The last time the SoundStage! Network visited Magico was when Jeff Fritz and Pete Roth visited in March, 2011. Back then Magico was located in a 5000 sq. ft. Berkeley, California, facility, which was mainly used for design and assembly, since the company sourced most of its loudspeaker parts from vendors.

int IMG 7030 1000w

Since 2011 the company has grown considerably and has moved to a 40,000 sq. ft. factory in Hayward, California. Not surprisingly, its production capabilities have increased commensurately -- this new building is now home to a full machine shop housing five CNC machines, which make the bulk of the parts for Magico's current generation of loudspeakers.

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Company founder and president, Alon Wolf, stands proudly at the front door of his new headquarters.


The view of the lobby from Alon Wolf's office door. Some parts for the Ultimate III loudspeaker can be seen laid out in the middle due to full production of other speakers taking place in the main assembly area. The Ultimate III is Magico's top-of-the-line loudspeaker; it's a five-way, horn-based system that retails for $600,000 per pair.

Magico lobby covers wall

On the right side of the lobby (as you enter through the building's main door) is a display of some of the magazine covers that have featured Magico's products over the years.

Magico museum

Toward the rear of the lobby are five S5 loudspeakers and the entranceway to the "Magico museum."

Magico museum

At one end of the "museum" are the current-generation S1 (far left) and S5 (second from left) speakers, while on the right side are the previous-generation Mini (right), V2 (second from right), and V3 (third from right) speakers.

Magico museum

On the opposite side of the room are the current-generation Q5 (far left), S1 (far right), S3 (second from right), and Q1 (third and fourth from right) speakers. Between the Q5 and Q1s are the internal structures of the Q5 and Q1.

Magico museum

On the rear wall of the "museum" are some of the awards the company has received over the years. To date, Magico has received seven Grand Prix awards from Stereo Sound, the most prestigious magazine in the Far East, as well as . . .

Magico museum

. . . four SoundStage! Network Product of the Year awards. The latest SoundStage! Network award was for the S5 loudspeaker.

Alon Wolf in office

Alon Wolf at his desk.

Alon Wolf photography

Besides high-end audio, Alon's other passion is high-end photography. Alon is never one to skimp on quality, regardless of what it might cost him. His preferred shooting tool is a Phase One medium-format camera.

Doug Schneider
Publisher, The SoundStage! Network