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The MartinLogan company has its main office, design, and research facility in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, and its main manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. On April 16 the SoundStage! Network toured the manufacturing facility, which is where every electrostatic panel is made. It's also where every Reserve-series loudspeaker is fully manufactured, including the affordable ElectroMotion ESL and the top-of-the-line CLX models, which are what were being made that day. For more information about MartinLogan, visit

Cabinet Making

Although MartinLogan's electrostatic panels are the parts that consumers identify with the most, every speaker product also has a cabinet made from wood. All the woofer enclosures for the company's Reserve line are built . . .

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Cabinet Finishing

The cabinets are available in . . .

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Stator Preparation

An electrostatic speaker works by sandwiching an extremely thin, conductive diaphragm that can move between two perforated, stationary metal panels. The metal panels are called stators.

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Stator-Panel Building: Part 2

MartinLogan's electrostatic diaphragm is extremely thin but . . .

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Stator-Panel Building: Part 3

After the diaphragm has been fully applied and is wrinkle-free . . .

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Final Assembly

After the assembled panels have been in the vacuum-forming machine for 30 minutes, they are transferred to the final-assembly area where . . .

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Even though the individual components are tested during the assembly process, the entire speaker is tested at the end as a completed system.

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Cleanup and Packaging

Following testing, every MartinLogan speaker is . . .

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