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November 4-6, 2016

All prices in euros (European Union), zlotys (Poland), or pounds (Great Britain) unless indicated otherwise

AVS 2016: Warsaw's National Stadium -- Hi-Fi's Best-Ever Show Setting

When audiophiles think about hi-fi shows, they usually picture events held in hotels, with crowded hallways, cramped bedrooms turned into listening rooms (where they put all the mattresses from the rooms, I don’t know), and shipping boxes jammed into the bathrooms. Other than a few exceptions, that’s how most hi-fi shows are. Can anyone really consider these high-end-type affairs?

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AVS 2016: Turntables

There is no such thing as a vinyl revival anymore -- the LP has been revived and, as far as I can tell, is officially back and here to stay. Nowhere was this more apparent than at Audio Video Show (AVS) 2016, where there were plenty of turntables, either being used for system demonstration or showcased because they’re new. These are the five most interesting turntables I found at AVS 2016 -- and they’re all from Polish companies. All the prices are in euros.

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AVS 2016: Electronics, Part 2

This is the second and final installment on electronics at the Audio Video Show (AVS) 2016. Featured are those products that are new or were most interesting to me. Unlike the other write-ups from this show that I’ve already done, though, only one of the brands highlighted here is from Poland -- AVS is attracting exhibitors from all over the place. All prices in euros.

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AVS 2016: Electronics, Part 1

I saw a number of new loudspeakers at the Audio Video Show (AVS) 2016, but I saw more electronics there, both on the tube and solid-state side. Some of these were from companies we’ve seen at other shows, but many were from companies we’ve never encountered before, which made the trip to AVS 2016 even more worthwhile. This article contains some of the most interesting electronics that I saw on the first day of the show, with all prices in euros.

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AVS 2016: Loudspeakers, Part 2

Even though I have covered hi-fi shows around the world for more than 20 years and thought I had seen it all, when I finished gathering the information on this next series of speakers, I realized that I hadn’t heard of one of the brands before I came to Audio Video Show (AVS) 2016. So it goes with this unique hi-fi show, which is held in Warsaw, Poland -- you can see plenty of well-known products, but you can also find just as many that you’ve never heard of. Here is the second and final batch of speakers, priced in currencies as diverse as their designs: euros, British pounds, and Polish zlotys.

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AVS 2016: Loudspeakers, Part 1

I’ve never been to Poland’s Audio Video Show (AVS) before, but I’d heard great things about it. However, that still didn’t prepare me for the size, scope, and scale of AVS 2016. With three locations in Warsaw (the Golden Tulip hotel, Radisson Blu Sobieski hotel, and National Stadium) and more than 160 exhibit rooms (from stats I read, last year there were 150 rooms and in 2014 there were 104), it was jam-packed with so many people that I had trouble getting pictures at times -- or even into some rooms. As far as I know, it’s now the second-largest show in Europe (High End is number one), and it could already be in the top five in the world. I am already looking forward to what 2017 will bring!

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