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Approximate system cost: €250,000.

SME debuted its flagship SME Model 60 turntable, paired with the immense Avantgarde Trio active loudspeaker system to deliver a powerful sound with incredible levels of detail and precision. That wonderful, breathy quality of the saxophone; the subtle nuance of brushed drums in the hands of a master percussionist; and the metallic shimmer of a struck cymbal reinforced the feeling that one was in the presence of greatness. This didn’t feel like listening to a recording; it had all the visceral thrill and vitality of a live performance in an auditorium. The SME Model 60 is the stuff of dreams, a magical creation from the greatest turntable and tonearm engineers of them all. Watch SoundStage! Ultra for the upcoming review.

Jonathan Gorse
Senior Contributor, SoundStage!

SME Avantgarde