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Do USB and FireWire cables make a difference? In this video, SoundStage! Network publisher Doug Schneider talks to AudioQuest's director of marketing, Steve Silberman, about the performance benefits that can come from using high-quality USB and FireWire cables that, in the case of AudioQuest, range in price from $30 to $650.

“High End 2011 Highlights: AudioQuest on Computer-Audio Cables” was shot on May 20 in one of the main exhibit halls at High End. Unfortunately, because of the extremely high noise level in the hall due to heavy consumer traffic, sound quality in this video is compromised due to microphone overload, which is kind of ironic given the nature of the content of the video. Still, Steve's message about high-quality cables comes through.

The video can be viewed below; however, since it was shot in high definition and streams from YouTube, it can be viewed there in higher resolutions up to 1080p by using this link.