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Without question, one of the fastest-growing segments of the market has to do with computer audio and music-server devices. At High End 2011, Austrias Pro-Ject Audio Systems showed the new Stream Box SE, which retails for 700€ and has a wealth of features including support for 24-bit/192kHz playback and high-resolution USB. What’s kind of ironic about Pro-Ject offering such an innovative device is that the company is best known for turntables!

In this video SoundStage! Network publisher Doug Schneider talks to Heinz Lichtenegger, Pro-Ject’s president, who explains many of the Stream Box SE’s features, including the high-quality display, as well as how it can be integrated into a modern-day audio system.

The video can be viewed below; however, since it was shot in high definition and streams from YouTube, you can view it there in higher resolutions up to 1080p by using this link.