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Magico, LLC is a manufacturer of high-fidelity loudspeakers and, while founded as a custom, boutique fabricator in the 1990s, has been operating in its present commercial mode since 2004. The products are conceived by the company's founder, Alon Wolf, and engineered by Yair Tammam, Magico's chief technical officer.

The company's latest offerings are the aluminum-bodied Q-series loudspeakers, which currently consist of the four-way floorstanding Q5 ($59,950/pr.), three-way floorstanding Q3 ($34,000/pr.), and two-way stand-mounted Q1 (price TBA). Magico also has three floorstanding wood-based loudspeakers, the four-way M5 ($89,000/pr.), three-way V3 ($27,000/pr.), and two-and-a-half-way V2 ($18,000/pr.).


Alon Wolf is the founder of Magico, LLC, seen here outside of the company’s main headquarters in Berkeley, California, USA.


Magico has onsite a well-treated listening room with products by Soulution, Spectral, Pacific Microsonics, MIT, and a custom music server designed and built by Matan Arazi. Here you see the company's newest product, the Q1 (outside edges), along with the discontinued Magico Mini II.


Magico's large warehouse space is packed with the various parts that go into assembling their loudspeakers.


There are stacks upon stacks of parts that come from the company's nearby machine shop. These machined-aluminum parts, drivers, and cabinets will eventually be used to build Q-series and V-series loudspeakers.


Alon Wolf (left) explains to SoundStage! Network writer Peter Roth how the parts are cataloged and arranged before use.


Magico ships speakers all over the world. Although the company has only operated in its current guise for seven years, they've grown by leaps and bounds in that time.