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To better control all aspects of production, Magico acquired a full CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine shop in San Jose, California, which is where all of their Q-series speaker cabinets are manufactured. This vertical integration gives the company tremendous capability to create exactly the parts they need for their products.


The Magico machine shop is located in San Jose, California, about 40 minutes from their main headquarters.


Computer-aided design (CAD) is utilized at the machine shop. This image shows a Q-series speaker.


Machinists work two shifts at this Magico facility. There are a lot of parts in each Magico loudspeaker, and that keeps the machines cranking out pieces almost constantly.


Raw 6061-T6 aluminum stock is used for all Q-series speaker cabinets.


The various types of CNC machines allow Magico to create complex, high-quality parts. A new CNC machine had just been added to the shop floor on the day of our visit.


Every part is engraved with a part number for quick identification and cataloging.