Cuttin-Edge, On-the-Spot Reporting

On the day of our tour, we witnessed the attention to smallest details, something we believe has helped make Magico successful. Looking after the little things is part of what has vaulted Magico from fledgling boutique to one of the top high-end speaker manufacturers in the world.


Magico seems to sweat all the fine points, all the way down to the R&D-intensive resistors they use in the Q5's crossover.


The Magico QPods proudly display "Made in USA" engraving.


We were able to compare Magico's discontinued Mini II with the almost-done version of the company's new Q1 stand-mount loudspeaker. We listened to both. Sonically, the Q1 is better in every conceivable way: more extended top and bottom, improved resolution across the entire audioband, and simply breathtaking in terms of midrange clarity. The differences were not subtle!


Alon Wolf showed us the CAD drawings of the finalized Q1, which will incorporate some changes that will make the speaker slightly larger and more stylish.


Note the copper-engraved model name seen on the front corner of the Q1 cabinet.


Pack 'em up and ship 'em off!