Cuttin-Edge, On-the-Spot Reporting

Magico's new Q-series products best represent their current thinking on high-performance loudspeaker design. The Q-series loudspeaker line currently consists of the four-way Q5 ($59,950/pr.), three-way floorstanding Q3 ($34,000/pr.), and the two-way Q1 (price TBA). On the day of our visit, evidence of Q-series speaker construction was everywhere. 


Q-series enclosures await driver insertion and final assembly.


The machined parts are transported from the Magico machine shop to the storage area of the main factory where they await assembly.


A Magico assembly technician wraps the aluminum parts where internal speaker wiring could contact the metal, thereby protecting the wires from potential tears.


Magico's Alon Wolf explains the Q assembly process to Jeff Fritz. This construction process is done in a room dedicated to this task alone.


Crossovers consist of parts from Mundorf, a company located in Germany.


Finished crossovers are housed in dedicated compartments within the Q-series enclosures.