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Unlike companies that modify or spec drivers sourced from outside suppliers, Magico has designed their own driver platforms and builds them with parts they've had manufactured from the ground up. You won't see variants of these drivers in any other company's loudspeakers.


Alon Wolf holds a Magico driver that will be used in a Q-series loudspeaker.


The massive 5" voice coil seen on this Magico driver is a sight to behold.


The Magico cones that go into the speakers use two different weaves of carbon fiber that are encapsulated in a high-modulus epoxy resin saturated with carbon nanotubes for strength and stiffness.


Magico's MBe-1 tweeter is built from aluminum housings they machine in-house.


Magico manufacturers only top-quality products. Even the backplate of the MBe-1 tweeter, something the customer will never see, is engraved and finished to a very high standard.


Few high-end loudspeaker companies design and manufacture their own drive units. Magico's proprietary drivers help set them apart from their competitors.