Cuttin-Edge, On-the-Spot Reporting

Q-series loudspeakers require dozens of man-hours of labor to assemble the numerous parts that make up the enclosure. Each enclosure is properly damped to avoid resonances that could smear the sound with distortion. 


Wiring within a Q-series enclosure is continuous to avoid wiring junctions and the sonic degradation they could cause.


Hundreds of machine screws are used in Q-series speakers, and these are held in place permanently using Loctite glue (no worries about screws coming loose and rattling during use).


The machine screws are torqued to just the right pressure.


All Magico speakers are acoustically tested before being packaged for shipment. They must exceed specified tolerances over multiple technical parameters.


The accessory kit for Q-series speakers includes stainless-steel spikes shipped in a machined-aluminum case.


Heavy-duty wooden crates are used to ship Magico speakers to their final destinations.